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  • Adding all of your alumni to the Campusinfo software's community section and expanding your community.

  • By regularly delivering updates using the Campusinfo software, you can keep them engaged.


  • Sell institute-exclusive products through the Campusinfo software's E-store.


  • Make the events at your institute a huge success by inviting alumni.


  • Inform your alumni regularly of your institution's successes so that they can spread the word on their social networking platforms. (This serves as an efficient indirect marketing tactic to raise admissions as your institution's reputation rises.)


  • Institutes like Harvard, IITS, IIMs and many reputed institutions across the world have their own exclusive stores.

  • Sell all kinds of products that are useful for students, alumni, teachers, and parents.


  • Books, uniforms, stationary, accessories, and also exclusive institute branded products.

  • Reputation and admissions are directly impacted by indirect marketing carried out through products bearing the institute's logo. ​

  • Campusinfo's e-store section is your branded store.


  • Give parents and students access to online payments in this digital age.


  • Make payments of fees from remote places at the click of a button.


  • By giving parents online access for fee payments, instalment plans can be introduced to make parents pay fees at ease.

  • Fee recovery will increase as it eases the payment process for parents. ​

  • Utilize the Campusinfo software to go digital at your institution.


  • Give students interested in your institution the option to submit an online application in this digital age.


  • Accept applications from far-off locations with a single click.


  • Collecting mass application offline and managing it is a tedious process. Make it simple and accept hundreds & thousands of applications in a go with help of Campusinfo software.

  • Allowing students from faraway places to apply will contribute to the expansion of the institution and help better serve new areas far away from the institution.

  • Now expand and grow with Campusinfo software.


  • Make the world aware of all the courses your institution offers.


  • Give specific information about your extracurricular activities, athletics, and academics. This helps individuals comprehend the excellent education the institute offers.


  • By using the new courses component of the Campusinfo software, you may easily introduce new courses.

  • With the stroke of a button, students can register for every new course the institution offers. ​

  • You may provide the audience with clarity on the complete curriculum utilising Campusinfo software.


  • With the aid of the event management system built into the Campusinfo software, you can publish Annual Day, Alumni Meetups, Quizzes, Sports Day, and any other planned events.

  • Utilize the Campusinfo software's register option, which is enabled in the event section, to obtain participant registration for any event.


  • Share the events directly with your community of parents, students, and alumni in the community section of Campusinfo software and make your event a grand success.

  • For paid events like quizzes, establish a ticket price and accept payments along with registration.

  • Thanks to Campusinfo software, every event held by the institution is now a MASSIVE success.